What Kills 11 Million People Worldwide? (Hint: it’s not smoking.)

collection of junk food

Just last month The Lancet published a study showing that 11 million people worldwide die because of…  Have a guess.

Smoking? Nope. Drugs? Nope again. OK, so, globally 11 million deaths are linked to… you got it, bad diets. The one thing that most of us, at least as adults, have some control over: what we put in our mouths.

A healthy diet is not about fancy ingredients. It’s about real food. Food that’s as close as possible to its natural state. The kind of food your gran would recognise.

You know, something that’s grown in the ground. Or in a tree. Or a bush. The type of foods humans were meant to eat.

Not something that started life on a conveyor belt and comes packaged in polystyrene with an ingredients list longer than your arm.

This is such a big topic and one that’s close to my heart, so I’m going to write more about it in upcoming posts.

Until next time



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